Who Is Barry

Barry was the proprietor's deceased brother, not just the namesake of the business, but the inspiration of a movement. The movement being BARRY BAIL BONDS, Inc. was he a bail bondsman? No. He was a US postal employee and music producer, who believed hard work and integrity and to follow your dreams.

Barry never smoked or drank a day of his life, but sadly departed this life at age 33. The cause of his death was colon cancer, so a portion of our profits is donated to help find a cure (link at bottom of page). With that in mind we are a strongly family oriented business.

We go above and beyond to honor the memory and namesake of our business. Every client is not just a credit score or potential profit. We are not here to assess guilt or innocence, but to bail your family member or loved one out and monitor them until their case is complete. We also reserve the right to be selective.

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